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Osteopath Edward Clark treating someone with leg pain

I enjoy the challenge of my job, applying evidence-based protocols to real life injuries my patients have suffered, and watching them return to a pain and injury free life

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Eddie studied at the University of Western Sydney between 2000 and 2005 where he completed a Bachelor or Applied Science (Osteopathy) and a Masters of Osteopathy. 

He worked originally in Sydney for 2 years before moving to the U.K, where he passed the requirements for overseas trained Osteopath registration and practiced clinically in London and Oxford. 


Whilst in the U.K he was involved in several academic roles with the University of Oxford Brookes in teaching Osteopathic modules and subjects on their Osteopathy degree program, eventually filling the Field Chair role for the program. Upon returning to Sydney he has co-founded 2 multidisciplinary clinics- Sydney Health Professionals(link) and St George Health(link) where he now works and offers appointments to the public. 


He has also been involved in promotion of his profession, being elected to a position on the Board of Osteopathy Australia- and holding that role for 2 years. 

He has worked on research steering committees promoting osteopath research and innovation networks- ORION and has performed roles with regulatory bodies including the Health Care Complaints Commission.


These days he balances his home work looking after 3 kids and working in 2 busy practices 5 days a week seeing patients. 


His practice is primarily about improving the life of people in pain through therapy approaches including osteopathy, exercise promotion, rehabilitation, education and motivation. 


He regularly sees people in all types of pain, from acute pain from spinal injuries and traffic accidents, right through to chronic pain complaints and post surgical rehabilitation. 


“My approach to patients in pain primarily starts with really understanding whats going on with their issue- really listening to whats gone wrong and what they re suffering with, before working collaboratively to solve the issue. 


I love making a positive difference in someones life that has been really struggling with pain for some time


You can help just about anyone improve their situation if you work hard to understand and get them sousing in the right direction”

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