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World Health Day!!

Since its inception in 1950 world health day has served to shine focus on specific areas of health and wellbeing that the World Health Organisation has highlighted as a priority.

Previous World Health Days have highlighted mental health, child care, maternal health care, and last years focus was the year of the Nurse and Midwife.

In 2021 the focus is building a fairer, healthier world for everyone. In a year where access to quality healthcare has been brought into stark relief by the Covid-19 pandemic we should all be more aware of the role that access to good quality health care has in creating an equitable and vibrant society for ourselves and our children.

So this year at both of my clinics, SHP and SGH we are bringing a focus onto healthcare access for all. Some of the initiatives we already are offer are late night and weekend appointments, online bookings and tele-health appointments. In 2021 we will continue to bring you select promotions including education nights, healthcare research information releases and discounted initial sessions for podiatry, remedial massage, counselling, osteopathy and complimentary services where its appropriate to do so. We will also continue to encourage our patients to consult with their GP for access to medicare rebated sessions with Osteopathy, Psychology and Podiatry.

Great healthcare is often underpinned by education. This year I encourage you to improve your own understanding of what makes for a healthier lifestyle. We can all seek out better information on how to lead the most healthy lifestyle. Keep in touch with us for great healthcare info on our email database, our social media channels or by getting in touch with us at the clinic if you have any questions.

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