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What happens in an Osteopathic Appointment?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

What you can expect from an appointment with Eddie Clark.

Eddie is an experienced Osteopath who has over 17 years professional experience in Australia and the UK. He is well versed in recent research advancements and up to date with the latest techniques in pain relief, physical therapy and rehabilitation. He is now practicing Osteopathy 5 days a week in Sydney, Australia.

His initial consults are booked at an hour- which is enough time for a full medical history and a thorough examination, a medical diagnosis and hands-on-treatment and exercise prescription for even the most complex presentations.

If you are prescribed a home exercise program you will receive a clear description on a take home form and links to professional vides for reference after the consult.

He always works collaboratively with any other health professionals who may be involved in your care.

He will always promote self-sufficiency and self-maintenance above continued treatment. Everyone has the ability to better manage their bodies through education, pain relief and physical improvement.

Get in touch today via email, social media or through making an appointment at either clinic here:

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